Skeletal 2.4.0

What's new?

The most significant change here is to the structure of the assets—we've moved Bootstrap purely into node_modules so it's easier to update/maintain and so we don't need to package it in this repo.

This means that if you want to re-compile app.less, you will need to do so with node/gulp.

On top of this, we have updated Bootstrap to the latest version.

Other Changes

  • As a result of the change to text units in the last update, the Carousel thumbnail now includes default support for a CTA. 81e13a2
  • The classes for the diners & discover card are the wrong way around; they've been swapped so they show the right icons. 64d4ef2
  • Fixing OG URL tag. cc55492
  • There were two  tags on the cart, one has been removed. bf904e9
  • Delivery time logic on cart should be equal to or greater than, because one day is still an ETA. 6391b96
  • Adding an "ignore balance" param to payment methods on invoice 3352e09
  • Issue 94 
  • Default sort order property on product filter on sidebar 0a1931d
  • Issue 96 
  • Added a filter on the "more from this category" thumb_list so it didn’t show the current SKU on the product page. 9dbeb06
  • Issue 93 
  • Favicon call is now a secure resource! You get a HTTPS, and you get a HTTPS, EVERYONE GETS A HTTPS! 0f37f5e
  • Issue 95 
  • Label for cancelled orders was missing, also updated to new b@se logic. 03697e5
  • Issue 92 
  • Fixed a misused .label class and formatted the page to new b@se standards. 4f30658
  • Issue 89 
  • Preferred payments has the "ignore balance" param. c1d8390
  • Removing package.json from .gitignore because it is useful. 79ca9a4
  • Updating Bootstrap. Moving Bootstrap into npm and whitelisting package.json because it is useful. c01b0fd
  • Fixing whitespace issues. b22b531
  • Quick syntax update to thumbnails. 96a350c
  • Simplify gulp file and remove deprecated function. d8c4b74
  • Button Icons not triggering ATC javascript 4049a54 783999c
  • btn Icons not triggering ATC javascript (revised). 616a261 7914727
  • Merge pull request 101 from curtiswilkinson/master. a58fbbe
  • Wholesale register error messages 344b242
  • Fixed "MasterCard" issue bcc8491
  • Zoom plugin not great on mobile, now doesn’t activate on mobile courtesy of CSS.

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