Introducing the Tweak Library

A guide to your favourite Neto modifications

As a part of the recent updates to our designer documentation, we have built a whole new section: the Tweak Library.

The Tweak Library includes a compilation of the most popular modifications, or "tweaks", we make to customer websites. Most of the tweaks are not default in Skeletal because more often than not, they are specific to certain industries. For example, variety stores are more likely to use mega menus, shoe stores are more likely to have sizes on the thumbnails, and business-to-business stores are the only ones who will require a wholesaler login button separate to normal user logins.

The tweaks are helpfully arranged into categories and involve documentation of the desired effects should look like and what steps to follow to achieve it. Code snippets and screenshots are included with the tweaks to ensure that making any modifications to your storefront remains as painless as possible.

We will be adding more tweaks over time as Neto grows, and endeavour to keep the library comprehensive and up-to-date.

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