Generates a list of countries available shipping countries


[%countries sortby:'sortorder,name' %]
    [%param *header%]
    [%param *body%]
        <p>[@country_code@] - [@country_name@]</p>
    [%param *footer%]


The countries tag generates a list of countries worldwide and lets you organise the list by different sort options. In order for the country to appear in the list it has to be set to "active" and available in the control panel, to do this go to Setup & Tools > Shipping > Available Countries.

countries Parameters

Name Options Description
sortby:'' sortorder, name Determines the sort order of the list, by default, is name
*header HTML & b@se tags Renders a single usable space above the body
*bod</td> <td>HTML & b@se tags</td> <td>Runs an array for each result</td> </tr> <tr> <td>*footer HTML & b@se tags Renders a single usable space below the body

countries Data Tags

Name Description
[@count@] An incremental count that runs each array
[@country_code@] The code / ID for the country, in the case of Australia, the output would be AU
[@country_name@] The name of the country

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