Load specific values from the cart such as cart total


[%cart id:'total_items'/%]


The cart tag loads specific data from the cart depending on the ID selected.

Keep in mind that this prints the value when the page is rendered, meaning it won't reflect updates made in the cart via Ajax, so if a customer updates their cart the details won't be updated until the page is refreshed.

Data tag shortcut tip

You can call any of the values as a data tag with the following format [@cart:product_total@]. This is a faster and easier way to load the values and can be used with other tags such as if.

Cart Parameters

Name Options Description
id:'' product_total, product_discount, total_items, grand_total, shipping_discount, shipping_cost, shipping_total, discount_total, payment_method_id, payment_method, shipping_method, shipping_method_id, voucher_credit
The ID to target for the cart data

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