Subscribe to newsletter checkbox

Subscribe to newsletter checkbox

An opt-in checkbox on the checkout that allows a user to subscribe to the newsletter.

Warning: The current Neto checkout does not allow tweaks to the code. A newsletter subscription box can be added to the checkout page in the Webstore > Checkout Settings page. More configuration options can be found in this article.

Coding instructions

Open up your onepage.template.html checkout page via themename > cart > onepage.template.html.

Then anywhere within the page (Though we recommend either the billing section near the email address or adjacent the terms / conditions box if you have it.) add the following code:

<div class="form-group">
    <div class="control-label col-xs-12 col-sm-4"> </div>
    <div class="col-xs-12 col-sm-8">
        <label for="regoptin">
      <input name="regoptin" id="regoptin" type="checkbox" value="Y" checked data-message=""/> Subscribe To Newsletter?
      <p><span class="text-muted small">(You can unsubscribe at any time)</span></p>

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