Security Assurances

Security Assurances

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A short bullet list to educate on the security measures taken to protect the customer:

  • Headline: Secure Shopping
  • Bullet: Rock-solid 128-bit SSL encryption.
  • Bullet: Your personal & credit card information is protected.


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Coding Instructions

Step 1. Add the HTML

Open cart/includes/cart_items.template.html, and add the following code at the bottom of the file:

<h4><i class="fa fa-lock"></i> Secure Shopping</h4>
    <li>Rock-solid 128-bit SSL encryption</li>
    <li>Your personal & credit card information is protected</li>

Step 2. Shuffle elements or update styles to suit

Update the CSS to suit - for example, increasing the header font size.

Final Result

Download Files

Download Files

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