Customise Managed Checkout

Customise Managed Checkout

Neto themes are built from editable HTML templates. This is great because it means you can access and modify the source of your theme via FTP and there is very little restriction when it comes to customising your website. There is a drawback though—these templates will not update automatically when the software behind them updates. This is the case with all platforms like Neto.

This is why we decided to take the checkout and cart files from our themes, instead hosting them within the software. As a result, and unlike website themes, Managed Checkout stays up-to-date when Neto adds new features. This means, in most cases, when we add support for a new payment method or fulfilment integration, you do not need to install a new theme to get access.

While we recommend merchants take advantage of this and avoid editing their checkouts all-together, we do acknowledge that sometimes this is a business requirement. So, we have made it possible to opt-out of managed checkout and build a custom checkout by copying our latest managed checkout templates into what we call a Custom Checkout Theme. This document explains how to do this.

Important Note: There is no warranty on customised checkouts. We cannot guarantee that your customisations will continue to work or be compatible with future updates we make to your website. Should you choose to customise your checkout templates, you will need to maintain your checkout going forward. If your checkout breaks and we need to fix it, this will be billable work, and in some cases may not be possible.

Creating a custom managed checkout

  1. Contact us to request a copy of the latest Managed Checkout template code.
  2. FTP into your Neto site.
  3. Create the directory /httpdocs/assets/checkout_themes/[THEME-NAME]. [THEME-NAME] can be any one word name of your choice. Note: Please do not name your checkout 'Universal'.
  4. Sync the contents of the folder containing the latest code provided to you into /httpdocs/assets/checkout_themes/[THEME-NAME].
  5. From here, you can make any changes to your custom managed checkout in /httpdocs/assets/checkout_themes/[THEME-NAME].

Changing checkout themes

If you've created the new directory (/httpdocs/assets/checkout_themes/[THEME-NAME]) you can preview the staging customised checkout by adding the the following query string on checkout:


Please Note: You can only view a staging customised checkout if you are using managed checkout, this will not work if you are still using legacy checkout.

When you wish to make this template live, you will have to adjust the following Advanced configs:

  • CUSTOMISED_CHECKOUT_THEME should be set to your new custom managed checkout theme name - [THEME-NAME].
  • CHECKOUT_CUSTOMISED should be set to 1 once you've decided to commit to the new custom managed checkout theme.

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