How to Install Skeletal


Skeletal is the development theme for Neto. It is the base framework that contains all of our front-end features. Skeletal is built on Bootstrap 3 and needs to be installed on a Neto 5 system to work. We recommend that all themes/sites are built from Skeletal.

There are two ways to reinstall Skeletal:

  • If you want to update to the latest stable version of Skeletal, do so via the theme builder
  • If you want to update to the latest development version of Skeletal, or want to install a specific version of Skeletal, do this manually from Github.

How to install Skeletal via the theme builder

  • Log into your Neto control panel.
  • Navigate to Content Website Theme Editor
  • Find the theme Skeletal
  • Next to the Preview button there is an arrow () to indicate more options, from this dropdown select Reinstall
  • You have now overwritten Skeletal with the latest in our theme library.

How to install Skeletal via FTP (from GitHub)

  • Download the release you want to install from GitHub
  • After you have unzipped the .zip or .tar.gz file, you need to upload the directories as outlined below:
    • Upload Skeletal-x.x.x/src/ to /httpdocs/assets/themes/[THEME-NAME]/ on your Neto site.

How to connect to Neto via FTP

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