Loads the quantity of a product based on the warehouse ID param


[%warehouse_qty id:'[@sku@]' showall:'1'%]
    [%param *header%]
        <h4>Warehouse QTY</h4>
    [%param *body%]
    [%param *footer%]


The warehouse_qty tag queries quantity results in multiple warehouses based on the SKU parameter so you can print a data tag to show the results specific to that warehouse or print other data specific to that warehouse.

Important note : The warehouse quantity will only show warehouses that have been set to Visible to customer in the neto control panel.


Name Options Description
id:'' Product SKU Specifies the SKU to query for the warehouse data
showall:'' 1 / 0 When set to 0, will only show a quantity result if the quantity is greater than 0. When set to 1 it will print a quantity value when above 0.
limit:'' Integer Limits the body results based on value
ifempty:'' HTML & b@se tags Renders a single usable space below the body
*header HTML & b@se tags Renders a single usable space above the body
*body HTML & b@se tags Runs an array for result
*footer HTML & b@se tags Renders a single usable space below the body

Data Tags

Data tag Product Field Example Description
[@committed_quantity@] Qty Committed 13 The quantity in stock that is committed of the queried warehouse
[@component_quantity@] Qty Kitted 0 The component quantity if relevant
[@count@] 0 A count that runs for each body parameter run
[@location@] Warehouse Qty / Pick Zone Stock: 59
The stock/location of the item
[@pick_zone@] Pick Zone A25 The pick zone where the item is located
[@warehouse_id@] 5 The ID of the warehouse
[@warehouse_name@] Warehouse Gold Coast The warehouse name
[@warehouse_qty@] Qty On Hand 46 Quantity on hand (Warehouse Qty minus Qty Committed)
[@warehouse_quantity@] Warehouse Qty 59 The quantity in stock of the queried warehouse
[@warehouse_ref@] GC The warehouse location reference

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