Generates the current sort value to be applied to the page


[%sortby type:'products'/%]


Returns the value from the setting Default sort order for product listings on the page Settings & tools > All settings & tools > Web Store > Webstore Settings by default. Unless changed, the default value is popular.

The above result would print popular by default, which is Neto's default sort option for the product lists. You can change this by either changing the config for the default sort order in the webshop config. Keep in mind that this just changes the default, so if you specify a sort order using the sortby:'' param on the thumb_list this will override your page sortby.


Name Options Description
type:'' products Specifies the type of content you are loading the default template for, currently only "products" is supported.
value:'' brand, highest_price, largest_item, longest_item, lowest_price, name, popular, shortest_item, SKU, smallest_item, sortbycol, sortorder, sortorder2, sortorder_price, sortorder2_price, sortorder_sortorder2, subtype_sortorder2, wishlist

Forces the value returned. By default it loads the current setting from the Default sort order for product listings config.

brand Product Brand
highest_price Highest Price
largest_item Largest Item
longest_item Longest Item
lowest_price Lowest Price
name Product Name
popular Most Popular
shortest_item Shortest Item
SKU Product SKU
smallest_item Smallest Item
sortbycol Set in the template
sortorder Sort Order 1
sortorder2 Sort Order 2
sortorder_price Sort Order 1 > Lowest Price
sortorder2_price Sort Order 2 > Lowest Price
sortorder_sortorder2 Sort Order 1 > Sort Order 2
subtype_sortorder2 Product Type > Sort Order 2
wishlist Customer Wishlist

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