Generate a list of products based on the most recent additions


[%new_arrivals template:'' limit:'8'%]
    [%param *header%]
        <h2>New Arrivals</h2>
    [%param *footer%]
    [%param *ifempty%]
        <p>No new arrivals found, check back soon!</p>


The new arrivals tag generates a list of products sorted by the most recent additions to the site.


Name Options Description
limit:'' Integer Used to determine the max number of results to show before paging takes effect.
template:'' Name of template (without the "template.html") Used to determine the HTML template to use from the related thumbnails folder (eg: thumbs/product/demo.template.html). If left blank, the default template (template.html) file is called
category:'' String Specificy a category to limit the new arrivals, will use the current category by default
header HTML & b@se tags Renders a single usable space above the body
body* HTML & b@se tags Runs an array for each option in the tag
footer HTML & b@se tags Renders a single usable space below the body
ifempty:'' HTML & b@se tags If the thumb_list returns no results, it'll load this block instead

Data Tags

Name Description
[@acc_code@] Accounting Code
[@actual_height@], [@actual_length@], [@actual_width@] The assembled dimensions for the SKU. Prints as meters by default
[@allow_oversell@] Virtual product tag boolean
[@arrival_date@] Arrival date of SKU, recommended to use format tag
[@artist_author@] Artist/Author tag
[@availability_description@] Availability Description for the SKU, typically used to explain when product will become available.
[@available_preorder_quantity@] Pre-order QTY that is free for order
[@barcode@] The barcode tag, can be used with the barcode_url asset to generate an image
[@base_unit_qty@] Unit quantity description
[@brand@] Product brand, can be used with brand tag to load further information.
[@committed_quantity@] Quantity commited to orders
[@count@] Counts for every time the body param is run as a whole number integer
[@cubic@] Cubic weight calculated for the SKU
[@custom_label@] Custom label field
[@date_created@] Date the product was created in Neto, can be edited
[@display_template@] Body template selected for SKU
[@editable_bundle@] Boolean that when true indicates that a product is an editable kit/bundle
[@extra@] Boolean that when true indicates the product has "Extra Options" available
[@format@] Product Format field
[@free_gifts@] Boolean that when true has free gifts assigned to SKU
[@has_child@] Boolean that when true indicates the SKU has child items / variations
[@has_components@] Boolean that when true indicates the SKU has kit components
[@has_mlp@] If a product has multi level pricing it shows as true
[@height@], [@length@], [@width@] The Dimensions for the SKU and prints as meters by default
[@weight@] Item weight
[@inpromo@] Boolean that when true indicates the item has a promotional price that is valid
[@instock@] Boolean that when true indicates the item is in stock
[@inventory_id@] A unique ID assigned to the item, typically for internal use
[@itm_gp_id@] A unqiue id for kits/variations/parent items, typically for internal use
[@itm_sortorder@], [@itm_sortorder2@] Sort order integer, used to determine the sort order of the item depending on the thumblist sortby options
[@limited_stock@] Prints true when the stock is lower then the global configuration for "low stock"
[@manufacturer_model@] The model no. / Sku provided by the manufacturer
[@max_qty@],[@min_qty@] The maximum and minimum purchase quantity for that item in an order
[@misc#@] Where # indicates the misc number, this prints the misc field specified
[@model@],[@name@] The item name
[@multiplier_qty@] The quantity grouping the item must be purchased in, eg. Lots of 5
[@no_shipping@] When true there are no shipping options, requires cal_shipping param to be enabled
[@notax@] A boolean that when true indicates it is tax free
[@preorder@] A boolean that when true indicates that the item meets the conditions to be available for preorder
[@preorder_date@] The preorder date of which the item is expected to become in stock
[@preorder_quantity@] The anticipated quantity available for preorder
[@price@] The lowest price available
[@product_subtype@] The product subtype
[@product_type@] The product type
[@promo_end@], [@promo_start@] The promotional price start & end dates
[@promo_price@] The promotional price active during promo dates
[@promo_save@] The saving made on the item calculated by the difference between the promotional price & the RRP
[@rental_only@] A boolean that when true means it is a rental only item
[@retail@] Retail price
[@rndm@] Generates a random number each time it is printed in an array
[@save@] Save price percentage
[@save_price@] Save price
[@service_only@] A boolean that when true indicates a service item which has no delivery options required
[@sh_type_id@] The shipping ID of the shipping method that the item belongs to
[@short_description@] Item short description, has a character limit of 250 characters
[@single_price@] Single unit price
[@sku@] The items SKU, the unique identifier
[@start_date@] The date the product was created
[@store_price@] Item price based on users group ID
[@store_quantity@] The quantity available for purchase
[@subtitle@] The items subtitle
[@swatch@] The colour code in hex on the product
[@tax_inc@] A boolean that when true indicates a tax inclusive product
[@thumb@], [@thumb#@] Where # represents a number, this is the image url
[@unit@] The unit of measure
[@url@] The URL used to reach the items product page

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