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Generate a list of content based on the type specified.

The [%list%] is a new function that replaces many other Neto B@SE functions such as [%thumb_list%], [%content_menu%] and other functions.

Body template

While the [%thumb_list%] function takes it's body template from the thumbs directory, the [%list%] function takes it's body template from the list directory, which isn't in a theme directory by default. If you want the exact templates from your thumbs directory then you could copy /httpdocs/assets/themes/[THEME-NAME]/templates/thumb/product/*.html into /httpdocs/assets/themes/[THEME-NAME]/templates/list/product. The [%list%] type will dictate which sub directory the template comes from, e.g , [%list type:'content' template:'category'%] would have a template at /httpdocs/assets/themes/[THEME-NAME]/templates/list/content/category.template.html.


[%list type:'content' template:'category' limit:'12' filter:'content_type=category' sort:'content_name' sort_direction:'asc'%]
Name Options Description
type string See below for details on each type.
template string A template filename without file extension.
File should be placed under theme folder within below mentioned directory [THEME_FOLDER]/template/list/[filename].template.html
Usage: template='filename'
limit number Sets the limit of results.
filter urlencoded object See each type for specific filters.
sort string See each type for specific sort.
sort_direction string Sets the sorting direction of the result set
sort_direction:'asc' or sort_direction:'desc'


The list tag is consolidated into the following types:

The data tags available will be dependant on the type


For displaying different types of products and product information.

Type product example

This list function will display the 4 top selling products, using the default product template: /httpdocs/assets/themes/[THEME-NAME]/templates/list/product/template.html.

[%list type:'product' template:'' sort:'top_sellers' limit:'4'%]
     [%param *header%]
          <h3>Popular Products</h3>
          <div class="row">
     [%param *footer%]
approval filter:'approval=y' or filter:'approval=n' Filter by product approval
content filter:'content=1' or filter:'content=1,2,3' Filter by product content
content_type filter:'content_type=1' Filter a product by content type
first_letter filter:'first_letter=(text)' Filter product by matching product name
user_group filter:'user_group=1' Filter by user groups
min_height filter:'min_height=10' Filter by height
hide_parent_products filter:'hide_parent_products=y' or filter:'hide_parent_products=n' Filter parent products
promo_current filter:'promo_current=y' or filter:'promo_current=n' Filter by products currently in promotion
in_stock filter:'in_stock=y' or filter:'in_stock=n' Filter by products in stock
inventory_id filter:'inventory_id=22' Filter by inventory id
item_group filter:'item_group=1' Filter by item group
keywords filter:'keywords=(text)' Filter by keywords
min_length filter:'min_length=(number)' Filter by length
max_price filter:'max_price=(number)' Filter products by restricting maximum price
min_price filter:'min_price=(number)' Filter products by restricting minimum price
parent_inventory_id filter:'parent_inventory_id=[@inventory_id@]' Show the children of the specified inventory_id
parent_sku filter:'parent_sku=[@sku@]' Show the children of the specified SKU
product_type filter:'product_type=(text)' Filter by type of product
promo_past filter:'promo_past=y' or filter:'promo_past=n' Filter by product not in promotion
promo_future filter:'promo_future=y' or filter:'promo_future=n' Filter by upcoming promotion
search_ids filter:'search_ids=1,2,3' Filter by providing list of inventory ids
show_hidden filter:'show_hidden=1' Flag to display products regardless of visibility status
show_unapproved filter:'show_unapproved=1' Flag to display products regardless of approval status
specifics filter:'specifics=' Filter by product specifics. Separate IDs by comma. E.g: filter:'specifics=2,7'
visible filter:'visible=y' or filter:'visible=n' Filter by visibility
warehouse filter:'warehouse=(text)' Filter products by warehouses
min_width filter:'min_width=(number)' Filter by width
wishlist filter:'wishlist=?' Filter by wishlist
wishlist_purchased filter:'wishlist_purchased=y' or filter:'wishlist_purchased=n' Filter by already purchased wishlist products
Description & Usage
brand sort:'brand' Sort by product brand
display_priority sort:'display_priority' Sort by display priority
highest_price sort:'highest_price' sort by highest price
highest_qty sort:'highest_qty' Sort by highest quantity
inventory_id sort:'inventory_id' Sort by inventory id
largest_item sort:'largest_item' Sort by largest item
longest_item sort:'longest_item' Sort by longest item
lowest_price sort:'lowest_price' Sort by lowest price
lowest_qty sort:'lowest_qty' Sort by lowest quantity
name sort:'name' Sort by name
new_arrivals sort:'new_arrivals' Sort by new arrivals
promo_end sort:'promo_end' Sort by promotion ending
random sort:'random' Sort randomly
shortest_item sort:'shortest_item' Sort by shortest item
SKU sort:'SKU' Sort by sku
smallest_item sort:'smallest_item' Sort by smallest item
sortorder sort:'sortorder' Sort by sortorder
sortorder2 sort:'sortorder2' Sort by other sort order
sortorder_price sort:'sortorder_price' Sort by sort order price
sortorder2_price sort:'sortorder2_price' Sort by other sort order price
sortorder_sortorder2 sort:'sortorder_sortorder2' Sort by sort order's sort order
subtype_sortorder2 sort:'subtype_sortorder2' Sort by subtype's sort order
top_sellers sort:'top_sellers' Sort by top sellers
trending sort:'trending' Sort by trending
wishlist sort:'wishlist' Sort by wishlist
Data tags
[@acc_code@] Accounting Code
[@actual_height@] The assembled dimensions in height for the SKU. Prints as meters by default
[@actual_length@] The assembled dimensions in length for the SKU. Prints as meters by default
[@actual_width@] The assembled dimensions in width for the SKU. Prints as meters by default
[@allow_oversell@] Virtual product tag boolean
[@arrival_date@] Arrival date of SKU, recommended to use format tag
[@artist_author@] Artist/Author tag
[@availability_description@] Availability Description for the SKU, typically used to explain when product will become available.
[@barcode@] The barcode tag, can be used with the barcode_url asset to generate an image
[@base_unit@] The base unit of measure
[@base_unit_qty@] Unit quantity description
[@brand@] Product brand, can be used with brand tag to load further information.
[@committed_quantity@] Quantity committed to orders
[@coupons@] Number of coupons associated with a product
[@cubic@] Cubic weight calculated for the SKU
[@date_created@] Date the product was created in Neto, can be edited
[@display_template@] Body template selected for SKU
[@editable_bundle@] Boolean that when true indicates that a product is an editable kit/bundle
[@extra@] Boolean that when true indicates the product has "Extra Options" available
[@format@] Product Format field
[@free_gifts@] Boolean that when true has free gifts assigned to SKU
[@has_components@] Boolean that when true indicates the SKU has kit components
[@height@] The Dimensions for the SKU and prints as meters by default
[@inpromo@] Boolean that when true indicates the item has a promotional price that is valid
[@inventory_id@] A unique ID assigned to the item, typically for internal use
[@is_kit@] Determines that a product is actually a kit containing two or more products
[@itm_gp_id@] A unqiue id for kits/variations/parent items, typically for internal use
[@itm_sortorder@] Sort order integer, used to determine the sort order of the item
[@itm_sortorder2@] Sort order integer, used to determine the sort order of the item
[@manufacturer_model@] The model no. / Sku provided by the manufacturer
[@model@] The item name
[@notax@] A boolean that when true indicates it is tax free
[@preorder@] A boolean that when true indicates that the item meets the conditions to be available for preorder
[@preorder_quantity@] The anticipated quantity available for preorder
[@product_subtype@] The product subtype
[@product_type@] The product type
[@promo_end@] The promotional price end dates
[@promo_price@] The promotional price active during promo dates
[@promo_start@] The promotional price startdates
[@purchased_first_name@] First name of the customer who purchased a product from their wishlist
[@purchased_last_name@] Last name of the customer who purchased a product from their wishlist
[@rental_only@] A boolean that when true means it is a rental only item
[@retail@] Retail price
[@service_only@] A boolean that when true indicates a service item which has no delivery options required
[@sh_type_id@] The shipping ID of the shipping method that the item belongs to
[@short_description@] Item short description, has a character limit of 250 characters
[@SKU@] The items SKU, the unique identifier
[@start_date@] The date the product was created
[@store_price@] The price stored against the user group
[@store_quantity@] The quantity available for purchase. If the products inventory policy is set to Don't track inventory for this SKU the value will return 0.
[@subtitle@] The items subtitle
[@swatch@] The colour code in hex on the product
[@tax_inc@] A boolean that when true indicates a tax inclusive product
[@unit@] The unit of measure
[@weight@] Item weight
[@width@] The Dimensions for the SKU and prints as meters by default
[@wishlist_date_added@] Date when product was added to the wishlist of a user
[@wishlist_date_purchased@] Date when wishlist product was purchased
[@wishlist_purchased@] Boolean when true indicates the wishlist product has been purchased
[@wishlistitems_id@] A unique ID of the wishlist item
[@wishlistitems_priority@] Value that indicates the priority of the wishlist item
[@{custom_field}#@] Any custom field defined for a product, for example {custom_field} could be [@misc1@]


For displaying different content types information, e.g, brands or categories.

Type content example

This list function will display 6 items from the content type brands, using the 'brand' template: /httpdocs/assets/themes/[THEME-NAME]/templates/list/content/brand.template.html.

[%list type:'content' filter:'content_type=brand' template:'brand' limit:'6' sort:'content_name'%]
    [%param *header%]
        <h2 class="text-center">Featured Brands</h2>
        <div class="row featured-brands">
    [%param *footer%]
            <div class="col-xs-12 text-center">
                <a href="[%url type:'content' id:'100'/%]">Show All Brands</a>
Description & Usage
content filter:'content=1,2,3' Get child contents
content_level filter:'content_level=1' Filter by content levels
content_type filter:'content_type=blog' Filter by content type. By default content_type is set to 'category'. (Available content types: page, form, category, buying, brand and blog)
first_letter filter:'first_letter=a' Filters by the starting character specified in the parameter
hide_private filter:'hide_private=1' If hide_private is set to 1, contents will be hidden if access_control is set to private
inventory_id filter:'inventory_id=1,2,3' Comma separated list to filter contents which contain this list of products
related_content_inverse filter:'related_content_inverse=1,2,3' Get all contents that are related to these contents
related_content filter:'related_content=1,2,3' Get all the related contents for these contents
show_hidden filter:'show_hidden=1' Filter by show hidden. (eg: "Visible On Menu" is checked) 1 will show contents which are hidden on menu, 0 will filter them out. 0 is default if undefined.
sku filter:'sku=SAMPLE' Filter by product sku
user_group filter:'group_id=1' Specifies a group for the list. If not defined it will either use the current group_id or default group_id

Description & Usage
content_name sort:'content_name' Sort by content name
Data tags
[@content_id@] Id of the content
[@content_type_id@] Id of the type of the content
[@parent_content_id@] Id of the parent of the content
[@content_level@] The level of the content
[@content_name@] Name of the content
[@content_ref@] Reference of the content
[@content_fullpath@] Full path of the content
[@content_external_src@] External source of the content
[@content_external_ref1@] External reference 1 of the content
[@content_external_ref2@] External reference 2 of the content
[@content_external_ref3@] External reference 3 of the content
[@content_short_description1@] Short description 1 of the content
[@content_short_description2@] Short description 2 of the content
[@content_short_description3@] Short description 3 of the content
[@content_label1@] Label 1 of the content
[@content_label2@] Label 2 of the content
[@content_label3@] Label 3 of the content
[@content_description1@] Description 1 of the content
[@content_description2@] Description 2 of the content
[@content_description3@] Description 3 of the content
[@content_wufoo_form@] Wufoo form of the content
[@templatebody@] Template body of the content
[@content_allow_reviews@] Is the content allow to have reviews?
[@access_control@] Access
[@sortorder@] Sort order of the content
[@content_author@] Author of the content
[@date_posted@] Date posted of the content
[@timestamp@] Timestamp of the content
[@content_type_code@] Code of the content type for the content
[@content_type_name@] Name of the content type for the content
[@url@] Url of the content
[@thumb@] Thumb url of the content
[@thumb_alt1@] Thumb alt1 url of the content
[@num_of_reviews@] Number of reviews of the content
[@rating@] Average rating of the content
[@rating_decimal@] Average decimal rating of the content
[@rating_round_half@] Average half rating of the content


For displaying content page reviews.

Type content_review example

This list function will display a max of 5 content reviews, which is standard for a page that uses the default.template.html template, e.g blogs or information pages.

[%list type:'content_review' limit:'5' filter:'content_id=[@content_id@]'%]
    [%param *header%]
        <h3>Comments ([@reviews@])</h3>
    [%param *body%]
        <div itemprop="review" itemscope itemtype="">
                <h4 itemprop="name"><i>[%nohtml%][@title@][%/nohtml%]</i></h4>
                    <strong>[%if [@reviewname@]%]By: <span itemprop="author">[@reviewname@]</span> on [%/ if%]<meta itemprop="datePublished" content="[%FORMAT type:'date'%][@insert_date@][%/FORMAT%]">[%FORMAT type:'date'%][@insert_date@][%/FORMAT%]</strong>
                <span itemprop="description">[%nohtml%][@review@][%/nohtml%]</span>
                [%IF [@review_response@]%]
                    <br /><br />
                        <span class="review_response text-muted"><strong><i>[@config:website_name@] Response</i></strong><br /> [%nohtml%][@review_response@][%/nohtml%]</span>
            </blockquote> <hr />
Description & Usage
content_id filter:'content_id=1' Filter by a content_id
Description & Usage

Sort by review insert date.

Note: review insert date is the default sorting field.

Any other field from the above listed data tags can be used to sort the list. However using other fields may affect performance.



Data tags
[@approved@] Status of review
[@bill_city@] City of reviewer


First name of reviewer
[@bill_last_name@] Last name of reviewer
[@content_id@] A unique ID of content
[@content_name@] Content name
[@insert_date@] Date of review
[@review@] A review
[@review_response@] Response on review
[@reviewname@] Name of reviewer
[@score@] Ratings of review
[@title@] Title of review
[@username@] Username of reviewer

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